App used to synchronize local windows and files/folders with Google Documents
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KumoSync™ is a Windows application used to synchronize local windows and files/folders with Google Documents. You can sync ANY document/file format.
KumoSync will automatically track your changes in Google Documents and your local Windows file system. It will synchronize these changes automatically on a regular interval allowing you to access your files on your computer, the Google Documents "Cloud" and other devices that can also access Google Documents.

Main Features:

- SIMPLE: Easy to use and configure.

- MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS: Synchronize with different Google accounts

- FOLDER SELECTION: Configure which folders you want to sync and control if you want to sync sub-folders.

- AUTOMATIC: Automatically synchronizes changes in the background.

- DRIVE LETTERS: Configure a Windows drive letter to quickly access your local Google drive files.

- CONFIGURATION: Control all sync operations and configure one-way syncing.

- DELETE CONFIRMATION: Manually confirm all deletes to protect your data

- AUTO-CONVERSION: Automatically convert documents to Google Document native formats or Microsoft Office formats when possible.

- REVISIONS: Use Google Drive revisions to track changes for supported file types.

- COMMAND-LINE: Command-line drive interface allowing access to KumoSync settings and sync operations.

- CONFIGURE SYNC: c:\> kumocmd /config settings.dat /log filename.txt

- EXECUTE SYNC: c:\> kumocmd /sync settings.dat /log filename.txt

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